….the big idea….

…. or ideas, as it happens…. every one of us needs time and space…. whatever we do, good or bad…. if you are having a coffee, you need time and space…. if you are having a fight, you need time and space, if you are solving a problem, you need time and space…. in a perfect world we would have enough time to do the things we believe to be good and we would do those things in a safe space…. in a perfect world….

…. so we all need time and space and we need to be able to create that time and space necessary to do those things we believe conducive to our well being…. that is the first idea….

…. no one knows what you have to do in order to be happy, we need to learn how to communicate our needs to others so they can become a part of our well being…. other people do not have enough information about us to be able to co-operate in our well being…. they don´t know why you do what you do, the causes of what you do…. they don´t know the consequences of your actions or how to make you stop doing those things that make you suffer…. you need them to know, you must learn to communicate your needs…. that is the second idea…

….. we can not see ourselves fully…. that is the third idea…. we are looking at the world from the inside to the outside…. we only have our own point of view, our own information and try as we might, we can not see the whole picture…. only through others we can create “the big picture”…. we ourselves don’t have enough distance…. we must learn to listen to others so they can tell us what they see…. we must learn to see the world through the eyes of the people around us….

…. everything that can be said to be important takes practice, as a matter of fact, it is often the amount of effort and time that we put into something that tells us how important that something is for us…. practice is the single most important thing that we can do, with practice what is bad can become good, what is good can become better…. without practice all we have is words, ideas, promises, new year resolutions, frustration, suffering…. we must learn how to practice…. and that is the fourth one….

…. i do not know what it is that you must do in order to be happy, or find well-being…or whatever you want to call it…. no one does…. and if someone tells you that they have a set of rules that when followed produce happiness, they are simply lying….

…. what i do know is how to train the mind in order to create time and space…. what to do with that time and that space…. well, that is up to you…..